Middays with Mysti(10am – 2pm)

Middays with Mysti

Mysti loves to bring you uplifting stories to keep you encouraged, and strives to keep you informed on what’s happening locally!

About the Host

She hails from the Lone Star State, where she was born and raised, and lived for 23 years. Please be kind of a “y’all” or “fixin’ to” (ex. “I’m fixin’ to go get something to eat!”) slips out. These are ingrained in Texans from birth, and the therapy process to remove them from a Texan’s vocabulary is long, painful, and quite expensive. Mysti and her husband are animal lovers, and currently have two dogs and four cats, most of them rescues (don’t shop! Adopt!). They’re greatest unrealized dream is to own a sizable property that can house many different varieties of animals so that they can launch a faith-based version the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, where they rehab animals who were plucked from abusive situations and then bring troubled kids onto the farm to connect with them and find healing in their stories. Mysti is crazy excited to be part of the Life FM family and can’t wait to hear from you!