Ellie Quiroz

Promotion Director

Ellie Quiroz has been in the production world since 2012 starting since her high school curriculum, MultiMedia Academy.

Because of this program, she was able to land her first career job as an associate producer for a television broadcasting show with KCSOS, “Do the Math”.

While she received her first Associate’s Degree in Music, “Do the Math” was an inspiration to gain an Associate’s in Communication & she’s recently gone back to school to finish her Bachelors in Communication with a focus on social media strategizing and marketing.

Besides school, Ellie has had opportunities to work in Audio/Video/Lighting installations in central Texas as a tech and coordinator on sites as well as continued video productions within her personal freelancing business: L.E. Media.

Over all the years and locations she’s been in, Ellie has continued to grow her knowledge in the ever-growing production world in film, live events, social media, photography, and videography and is very grateful to add the radio industry to that list.

Being in the radio business is new and quite a blessing in the timeline she is in as she’s moved back to Bakersfield.

She is thrilled to be able to have a place to put her creative ideas into practice with the blessing and trust from the 88.3 Life FM team.

Contact - Ellie

Contact - Ellie